The Glassco Translation Residency: Day #8

The Glassco Translation Residency will be always known as the place I really understood what does “translation” mean. And I’m not only talking about (but not excluding) the way we change a text, a piece, a book, a film to another language, but specially about how translation is part of our lives.


Somebody told me here (maybe Bobby?) that we are always translating. We are always trying to “give meaning” to something, based on our own background and knowledge. Unfortunately, we are not always right, but it is ok.


And I need to say that because I’ve had some moments when I really wanted to make an SOS for a life-dictionary… Isn’t it awfull when you feel appart? When you believe you are misunderstanding things? When you think you are being missunderstood? When you have the impression you’ve exagerated? Of even worst, when you are making part of a bad translation of yourself?


Yes… If you are a immigrant (even if you forguet it often) somentimes you will be mistranslated. And it is ok. We are humans and we only need some days to really understand things the way they really are. 8 days at Tadoussac… and I’ll miss it.

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