Glassco Translation Residence: Day #1

Tadoussac. First day at “Glassco Translation Residence”. It is like if I came from an unrealistic journey since the moment I left Montreal, this morning, in a train, till this very moment where I am in “my” lovely room writing down this text.

This is not a house. It can’t be. This is one of my dreams coming true where we see lots of books (even in the bathroom), a garden, boats from the window, a stair made of wood, a sound of a cuckoo on the wall telling me time goes by, a dinner with wine and writers on every corner of the house. If it is not a dream, please, keep me awake.

Here I am, loving each moment, each corner, each detail… And do you know what? It’s been only 5 hours I arrived here… and I’ll spend ten days!

Sorry if I don’t come back… but I’ve just found my place.

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