Who am I

My name is Letícia Tórgo.

I have Sun in Cancer, Ascendant in Aries, Moon in Scorpio and the Empress as my Personal Arcanum. I’m an astrologer, a tarot reader, a writer and a theater assistant director, but my birth chart, my personal arcanum and my professional passions are just a part of the wholeness I am.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I live in Canada since 2014, I currently live in a small town called Bromont. I’m passionate about paddling, skiing and camping and I attend in Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish.

Since I immigrated, I started to be interested in learning more about the knowledge of the First Nations. This connection made me realize how little I knew about the reality where I come from. Connecting and honoring this knowledge is part of my journey too.

My master in Astrology is Rafa Pedrosa, with whom I had a beautiful trajectory both in basic teachings and in advanced courses. My Tarot master is Pri Ferraz, with whom I started learning the major arcana and aroused my interest in the History of Egypt, Greek, Roman, and Afro-Descendant Mythology. I also studied Systemic Constellation with Benito Ribeiro and use these lessons in my astrological consultations. I am currently immersing myself in Tarot knowledge too.

I see astrology and tarot as tools for self-knowledge that profoundly transform me. Today I’m sure there’s a reason every customer comes to me.

If you made it this far, you are also part of this story.

My Phylosophy

  • Astrology and tarot are not therapy. They are symbolic tools of self-knowledge that can bring clarity to you.
  • I carry out consultations through consent. That is, you are willing to be open to listening to what your astrological chart or tarot cards have to say.
  • Astrology and tarot are not deterministic. You will always have free will to decide what to do with the information you receive.
  • In my journey as an astrologer and tarot reader, I try to have coherence between the life I lead and what I share. I use astrology and tarot in my daily life and, precisely because of this, I continue to share this knowledge in the way I consider correct and fair.
  • I don’t have all the answers and a query might bring you more questions that you should think about.
  • I do not condone lying, charlatan, exhibitionist, deterministic and fatalist approaches to astrology or tarot.
  • Learning astrology and tarot is a constant process. Thus, I am an astrologer, a tarot reader and an eternal student of these tools.
  • This list is both for you to understand who I am and to guide me on my journey. Like me, it is not fixed and can be consulted by you whenever you want my services.