My name is Letícia Dal Ri Torgo.

I am a Jungian Analyst, Author and Educator certified in Social Psychology and ancestral knowledge of Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy. My mission is to teach women how to step out of their comfort zone and have an extraordinary life.

Knowledge has always been a fundamental part of my personality. I opened my first company in 2011, at the age of 30, with the aim of helping artists take their projects out of the drawer and take their ideas to theaters, cinemas and stages across Brazil. Along the way, I wrote books, plays and visited centuries-old theaters, coordinating large groups of actors and tons of equipment in almost all the country's capitals.

Just 3 years later and with a career on the rise, I packed my dreams into a suitcase and moved to Canada with my husband. Thanks to this change, I transformed my company into the first Brazilian 100% online course platform aimed at artists. In Montreal, I performed at major dance and theater festivals, such as the TransAmériques Festival (the largest contemporary dance ant theater festival in the Americas) and Cirque du Soleil, where I was an interpreter for artists in 4 languages.

Shortly afterwards, I opened an international branch of the company where I had the opportunity to develop cultural projects with the First Nations of Canadian territory. The ancestral teachings received in these experiences proved to be a turning point in my life and allowed me - once again - to step out of my comfort zone.

At the age of 40 and after 9 successful years working in the cultural area, I sold my company and started a new career focused on self-knowledge through ancestral knowledge of Astrology and Tarot.

Two years later, after spending a month in Greece, the cradle of Western philosophy and literature, a new desire to break out of my comfort zone once again made me pack my dreams back into a suitcase to move to northern Europe, Italy, where I currently live.

In Europe, I had the opportunity to specialise in Tarot symbolism with the greatest Italian masters such as Andrea Vittali and Giordani Berti, do a distance specialisation in Social Psychology at Wesleyan University, begin my studies in Alchemy and begin a Postgraduate Degree in Jungian Psychology at the Jungian Research and Teaching Institute of Rio de Janeiro in EAD format.

I am a member of the Social Psychology Network at Wesleyan University and an astrologer associated with the Central Nacional de Astrologia do Brasil – CNA.

After almost 10 years abroad, 9 books published, 2 companies created, more than 643 consultations and 1567 students graduated from my online courses, I am confident that my mission is to teach women to step out of their comfort zone and live an extraordinary life.

And you didn't get here by chance!


2024 - Postgraduate in Jungian Psychology - IJEP (ongoing) 
2024 - Trauma Patient Management Training - Instituto PBE
2024 - Trauma, Disaster and Psychological First Aid Training - Natasha Ferraz
2024 - Four Books to Understand Jung - Tatiana Paranaguá - Casa do Saber
2024 - Social Psychology - Wesleyan University | EAD 
2024 - Jung and Alchemy - Lilian Wurzba - Casa do Saber
2024 - Imaturity and Phantom Bond: a current symptom - Tatiana Paranaguá - Casa do Saber
2024 - The Science of Feelings: Achieving Psychological Well-Being - Rodrigo Bressan - Casa do Saber
2024 - Psychoanalysis and Philosophy for life - André Martins - Casa do Saber
2024 - Classics of Literature: Iliad and Odyssey, by Homer - Lilian Sais - Casa do saber
2024 - Life and Death in the West - Julia Myara - Casa do Saber
2024 - Archetypes and the Philosophy of the Imaginary - Sílvio Anaz - Casa do Saber
2024 - The Sacred according to Jung - Tatiana Paranaguá - Casa do Saber
2024 - Philosophy of Religion - Luiz Felipe Pondé - Casa do Saber
2024 - History of Christianity: Mysticism and Spirituality - Marcus Reis Pinheiro - Casa do Saber
2024 – Psychoanalysis and Mythology: An Introduction - Pedro de Santi - Casa do Saber
2024 - Why still study Religion? - Andrei Venturini Martins - Casa do Saber
2023 - Greek Tragedies - Julia Myara - Casa do Saber
2023 - Introduction to Neuroscience: Behavior and Performance -  Ana Carolina Souza - Casa do Saber
2023 - Viktor Frankl and the Meanings of Life - Flavio Gonzalez - Casa do Saber
2023 - Goddesses, Witches and Sorceresses: Stories from When God Was a Woman - Julia Myara - Casa do Saber
2023 - The Thinkers: Socrates and Plato - Franklin Leopoldo e Silva - Casa do Saber
2023 - Introduction to Greek Mythology - Julia Myara - Casa do Saber
2023 - The Questions of Desire - Sandra Niskier Flanzer - Casa do Saber
2023 - Excited, Inattentive and Tired: Notes on Current Subjectivity - Nina Saroldi - Casa do Saber
2023 - Beyond Network Dilemmas: the impact of Social Networks on our lives - Pedro de Santi - Casa do Saber
2023 - Philosophy as a Way of Life: Stoics, Epicureans and Cynics - Marcus Reis Pinheiro - Casa do Saber
2023 – Financial Market Trends: Forecasting with Applied Astrology - Trudy Carol, Kepler College
2023 – Astro✶Mapping Course (Astrocartography) - Thaís Lima (17 horas), Brazil
2023 – Esperto dꞌarte. Dalla pittura rupestre a Banksy - Art for Introvert (28 horas), London
2023 – Secrets and Sources of the RWS Minor Arcana - Mary K. Greer, Global Spiritual Studies, USA
2023 – Improve Your Tarot Readings Through Tarot History - Mary K. Greer, Global Spiritual Studies, USA
2022 – Tarot Sola Busca - Livelo 1 - Giordano Berti, Itália
2022 – Linear Tarot Reading - Julio Soares | Fortuna Arcana, Brazil
2022 – Mundane Astrology – Fernando Fernandes | Astroeletiva, Brazil
2022 – Karmic Astrology – The Paths of the Soul | Daniela Rossi, Brazil
2021 – Synastry Seminar – Claudia Lisboa, Brazil
2021 – Tarot Course – Major and Minor Arcana – Pri Ferraz, Brazil
2021 – Astrological Transits Course – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil
2021 – Deepening: Astrology, Symbology and therapeutic vision – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil
2021 – Systemic Family Constellation Course (59 horas) – Benito Ribeiro, Brazil
2021 – Predictive Astrology – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil
2021 - Sacred Stories of the First Nations - Dr. Bimadoshka Pucan - Concordia University, Canada
2021 - Cultural Residence with Making Treaty 7: ancestral home of the Blackfoot Indian Confederacy in Calgary, Alberta - Canada
2020 - Les Rencontres Mikana / KINA8AT  - Marie-Josée Tardif and Dominique Rankin: elders from First Nation Algonquine, Canada
2020 – Initiation to Astrology – Practice and Reading of Natal Charts (47 horas) – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil
2020 - Introduction to First Nations Studies - Emanuel Lowy, MSc - Concordia University, Canada

I currently carry out studies in the areas of philosophy, mythology, literature, psychology, psychoanalysis and religion.


I carry out Psychotherapy, Astrology and Tarot consultations through consent. In other words, you make yourself available to be open or open to "if" listen.

Nothing that is said in a consultation is deterministic. You will always have free will to decide what to do with the information you receive.

In my journey as a psychotherapist, I seek to have coherence between the life I lead and what I share and use the knowledge I share in my daily life in a way that I consider correct and fair.

I don't have all the answers and a consultation may bring you more questions that you should reflect on.

Learning self-knowledge is a constant process. Therefore, I see myself as an eternal student of the tools I use

This list is both for you to understand who I am and to guide me on my journey. Just like me, it is not fixed and can be consulted by you whenever you want my services.

Astrologer associated with the National Astrology Center - CNA, since 2023.