"Wherever you go, there you will be".

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is an astrological tool that combines Astrology with Travel, exploring how planetary positions at the time of your birth influence different destinations in the world in aspects of your life, such as career, relationship, identity, purpose, abundance, etc.

This tool can be used when we plan to change countries, states or cities, go on exchange, immigrate, take a sabbatic year or even travel with purpose to different places in the world and want to understand how astrological influences can manifest themselves in different places around the world.

- Have you ever felt different when traveling to a country?

- Do you have an inexplicable connection with somewhere you've been?

- Do you have the feeling that a place seems to want to kick you out?

- Do you have an intense dream of visiting a country, but don't know why?

Astrocartography can answer all these questions!

How does Astrocartography work?

Astrocartography assumes that if a specific planet is strongly positioned in a certain location at the time of your birth, that geographic region is most meaningful to you in terms of personal experiences, challenges, opportunities and development.

These positions are portrayed on the astrocartographic map, which makes a graphic representation of planetary positions superimposed on a world map. This map allows you to identify areas where different planets are associated with specific geographic lines, indicating the regions where astrological influences may be most prominent for a person.

When you move to one of these planetary lines, regardless of the reason, you also move to a place where the potential for manifestation of that planet's symbol is stronger. When this happens, you have the opportunity to live experiences connected to this astrological archetype more clearly in your life.

In addition, each location also has its REALLOCATED MAP. In other words, your natal chart projected in that location bringing the same essence of your birth, but vibrating in different astrological houses, that is, in different subjects and themes of your life.

And how can astrocartography help us?

Planning trips with more purpose, knowing exactly what you can develop in the destination you are going to.

Understanding movements of change that you make in our lives, aligned with what your natal chart brings as teachings to your life.

Having more clarity on the issue of immigration and the reason why you leave your country of origin to settle in another country.

Obtaining more information to carry out a sabbatical year project with destinations that align with what you want for the period.

Locating places in the world where you can live better, where you can fulfill or discover your mission, where you can connect with new relationships and partnerships, or where you can feel at home.

Why isn’t much said about Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a relatively recent tool that officially appeared in the 1970s by Jim Lewis (1941–1995), an American astrologer. He is especially known for creating the "Astrological Location Map" (also known as "AstroCartoGraphy"), which is the graphical representation of planetary positions superimposed on a world map.

On the other hand, studies that take location into account in connection with studies of the sky are cited in very ancient texts by Marcus Manilus, Ptolemy, Al Biruni and Willian Lilly.

Later, the relationship in mundane astrology was addressed by Robert Cross Smith (Raphael), Walter Gorn Old (Sepharial), and Charles E.O. Carter.

The first world map appeared in 1941 by Charles Jayne. Then, Roy Firebrace, a siderealist astrologer, wrote an article on the subject and in 1966 Gary Duncan produced the first computer that generated a map. Cyril Fagan, Donald Bradley, J. Pearce and L. Edwared Johndro are other names who contributed to the study of the technique.

With the death of Jim Lewis in 1995, Continnum was created, an association in his honor whose mission is to keep this knowledge alive, spread knowledge of the technique and create a network bringing together all practitioners of the technique.

Why did I fall in love with astrocartography?

I was born in 1980 into a family of flight attendants from the now extinct airline VARIG. Since I was little, I saw my parents travel together, coming and going with their suitcases full of stories (and dirty clothes from the trip). Thanks to them, I had the opportunity not only to take my first international trip at the age of 8, but also to see the behind-the-scenes of airports, planes, crew, hotels and destinations.

I came to believe that one day I would become a flight attendant, following in my parents' footsteps, but I ended up choosing to graduate in the area of ​​Communication, where I worked for many years before becoming a Psychotherapist. 

But my travel story doesn't end there...

In 2009, watching a TV show about travel, my husband and I decided to exchange a wedding party and honeymoon for a wedding on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

In 2014, we decided to burn the ships and immigrated to Canada, where we stayed for almost 9 years.

At the end of 2022, we left Canada for a second immigration, this time crossing the Atlantic, just as our ancestors did, to settle in Northern Italy, where we currently live.

I'm passionate about languages ​​and new cultures and being able to work serving people from all over the world, in 4 languages ​​(5 soon!) from anywhere I want, gives me the certainty that "wherever I go, I'll be there."

Uniforme de comissária e mala da minha mãe

Dressed as a flight attendant with my mother's clothes and suitcase.

In the cockpit of an aircraft.

With my mother, while she worked at VARIG.

How does the consultation work?

After scheduling your consultation and paying, you will receive a form to fill out.
In this form, in addition to your date, time and place of birth, you will answer a questionnaire with your goals, destination(s) you have in mind, where you are going or where you are and other questions that we will use as a basis for the consultation.
Based on your answers, I will study your natal chart, your astrocartographic chart and relocated chart(s) to prepare myself for our meeting.
On the scheduled day and time, we will meet for the consultation via Zoom.
My consultations last 1h30 and I record our conversation so that you can re-listen whenever you want later.
We will have time to explore your goals, talk, and allow you to leave this appointment with the information you are looking for right now.