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Birth Chart

A birth chart is the reading of your birth chart, calculated from the date, time and place where you were born. Through this information, we make a picture of the sky from the moment you took your first breath on planet Earth and you have access to a compass of the Universe that will accompany you throughout your life to better navigate this existence.

Solar Revolution

The Solar Revolution is a birth chart from the moment of your birthday, pointing out the trends and challenges for your new year. In this reading, we cross the chart of your birth with the chart of your year, understanding the transits, aspects and periods where you will feel the strongest energies of the sky.


Synastry is the crossing of the birth chart of two people in order to help them understand their compatibilities, the way they express love, achievements and challenges they can face together. If the success of a relationship is in the balance between the parts, synastry offers us tools to verify if this balance can already exist in a natural way or where it should be worked for it.

My name is Letícia Tórgo.

I have Sun in Cancer, Ascendant in Aries, and Moon in Scorpio. I’m an astrologer, writer and theater producer, but my birth chart and my professional passions are just a part of the wholeness I am.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I live in Canada since 2014, I currently live in a small town called Bromont. I’m passionate about paddling, skiing and camping and I attend in Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish.

Since I immigrated, I started to be interested in learning more about the knowledge of the First Nations. This connection made me realize how little I knew about the reality where I come from. Connecting and honoring this knowledge is part of my journey too.

My master in Astrology is Rafa Pedrosa, with whom I had a beautiful trajectory both in basic teachings and in advanced courses. I also studied Systemic Constellation with Benito Ribeiro and use these lessons in my astrological consultations. I am currently immersing myself in Tarot knowledge too.

I see astrology as a powerful self-knowledge tool that has profoundly changed me. Today I’m sure there’s a reason every customer comes to me. If you made it this far, you are also part of this story.


What customers say...
Kika Martinez

Kika Martinez

Don’t do it if you’re not prepared to be provoked. Don’t do it if you don’t want to see too much beyond the obvious. Don’t even try to run away or deny that she comes armed with the 4 elements, burns you and then blows you, bury you and finally washes you. Letícia has a unique sensitivity and will put pressure on you, with a lot of love. Without thinking I would do it and I will do it 7 more times.

Laurence Dauphinais

Laurence Dauphinais

Letícia’s curious and generous presence made reading my birth chart a memorable moment. I had already done another reading in the past, but I never thought we could go into so much detail. It was fantastic to live this experience exactly on my birthday!

Sarah Araripe

Sarah Araripe

Letícia patiently explained to me my birth chart and how important all that conversation was to me! There were so many insights and understandings of myself, she knows what she says and goes deep into the issues, it was unforgettable! After that day I see myself differently, she showed me the strength I have to go after what I wanted for myself and for my life. It was an uplifting experience! Thank you so much for making me understand my universe! I loved to have this experience exactly on my birthday!


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Astrology is one of the most beautiful and amazing ways to understand our journey and the depth of the soul connected with the nature around us. If you are looking for a lighter, more abundant and complete walk, you have come to the right place. 

And it wasn't by chance.

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