The Glassco Translation Residency: Day # 7

A week ago I'm here. Seven days living with people I didn't know. In a small town I've ever visited. In a room that never slept.

I came here to translate a text from French to Portuguese and go out with a lot of baggage that I never imagined. I am sharing the same roof of a House with a history, enjoying the tranquility of whales, belugas and seals that aren't there for us, understanding what is really Canada, Quebec, the francophone, Anglophone and many other nuâncias under different views that I don't even know what to think without a great reflection.

And Yes, we've been quietly working hours, while we share knowledge and glasses of wine in our 5 to 7 and we talk about various subjects and crazy during our dinner. Yes, we walked together in the early evening to ensure the leisure-our-of-every-day and go home with the feeling that really contribute, through our work, for a better future. It's not always so obvious. but most of the time is a real consciousness.

Yes, there are three days to go and I'm sure I'm going to miss this place. The stairway, the cuckoo, the smell of wet earth, the friends I've made here. In a conversation, Maryse said going back. This is a beautiful prophecy. Anyway, like I said the Lady of chocolate shop: "magical things happen in Tadoussac.

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