Understanding Astrology and Tarot allows us to make relationships between the symbolisms that planets and all the tarot card offer us. Both studies aim to help us on our journey, bringing questions and free will to decision-making as we go deeper into ourselves.

The Tarot card that most connects with the Solar Cycle of Libra is card number XI: The Justice. Represented by a judge, bearing the image of authority, he holds the scales in his left hand to weigh the pros and cons and a sword in his right hand to make decisions. The columns of the same color in the background also bring balance and equality. It is worth noting the down-to-earth detail inviting us to always look at reality when we need to be fair in our actions.

The number 11 brings the repetition of 1 and the sum that gives 2, representing the balance in two parts. Furthermore, it is the letter that is in the middle of the major arcana, bringing precisely equality between the parts. Justice is also known as the harvest card as it works with the law of karma. Karma is the result of our attitudes and behavior which is based on the law of return. In other words, we harvest what we plant.

So, to mark the middle of the Libra cycle where we are now, it’s worth asking yourself whether you’ve made decisions taking the law of return into account. Ask yourself if your actions are balanced and if you have used impartiality, reflection, truth, and wisdom in your actions. Justice asks you to be rational in your judgments and decisions.

Do you learn well from your past mistakes or do you usually repeat them?

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