Tarot is a divination art that has been used for centuries and presents something we are not seeing with the naked eye through cards that reflect our present moment. Through a simple game, it allows you to help you reflect on the next few days by taking a piece of advice for the week.

How to get advice for the week:

♦️ Think of a piece of advice for your week.
♣️ Take a screenshot of your mobile phone.
♥️ See below for the description of each Arcanum (short description)

Check out the cards and their meanings (super) summarized here:

0 – The Fool – This is the beginning of a new journey with lightness.
1 – The Magician – Put your projects into action.
2 – The High Priestess – Connect with your inner wisdom.
3-The Empress – Open up to her personal power.
4 – The Emperor – Cultivate organization and strategy in your day-to-day.
5 – The Hierophant – Seek masters to accompany you on this journey.
6 – The Lovers – Follow your heart’s choices without fear.
7 – The Chariot – Move with motivation towards victory.
8 – The Strength – Learn to control your emotions.
9 – The Hermit – Let go of the other’s hand and go your own way.
10 – The Wheel of Fortune – Believe in the surprises of life.
11 – Justice – Be rational in your judgments and decisions.
12 – The Hanged Man – Stop, analyze, wait, accept and observe.
13 – Death – Open up to transformation no matter how painful it may seem.
14 – Temperance – Learn to analyze all sides and find balance.
15 – The Devil – Be careful not to focus on worldly pleasures.
16 – The Tower – Build structures on the truth.
17 – The Star – You are a reflection of your dreams.
18 – The Moon – Think if you are seeing reality well.
19 – The Sun – Don’t be afraid to show your light and talents to the world.
20 – The Judgment – Let go of the past.
21 – The World – Now that you have reached fullness, think of something new and start a new journey.

Leave in the comments the letter you took and how you interpreted it according to your current moment.

Do you want to make a more complex issue, raising a question of the moment or still making a tarot mandala that spans 12 months? Check out here how I can help you.