Today we have an eclipse of the Moon in Taurus. But do you know what this means for astrology and how this eclipse impacts you?

We are experiencing a period of strong Scorpio energies in the sky as we have Sun, Mercury and Mars in this sign plus a lunar cycle that started with a Scorpio New Moon. On the opposite axis, we have Uranus and the Moon in Taurus.

The Scorpio energy reminds us that it is necessary to move the deep and frozen emotions that we have inside us, making us immerse ourselves in the pains and delights of our soul. It’s almost like putting on the diving suit and diving into what seems stable and resolved, but which deep down, deep down, is frozen so as not to let us feel. Many of us are feeling a transformation taking place precisely because of these energies.

Taurus energy brings materiality, concreteness, beauty and the pleasure of being present on Earth enjoying so many delights. At the same time, Taurus is a heavy animal that needs to feel stable to take the step and that often chews the cud before making decisions. As Uranus has been around for a long time and still has a long way to go before it leaves Taurus, all this materiality and concreteness is crumbling.

On Full Moon days, we are usually invited to expose ourselves, as we have a moon shining in the sky and lighting up the night. But the eclipse is coming to “hide” this light. It’s as if he invites us to keep looking into our shadows and into deep issues that, in the end, haven’t been fully resolved.

In other words: we received a beautiful invitation to transform ourselves, we are ready to become butterflies, but the sky comes to tell us that we still need more time in the cocoon.

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