It is not a coincidence that death has been a recurrent topic in recent days. In addition to being experiencing a plutonic moment with the Sun in Scorpio and a lunar cycle marked by a new moon also in Scorpio, it is time for Mercury to also enter the dark waters of this same sign.

Mercury is the planet that represents rationality, ideas, speech, and the way we express ourselves. Within astrology, it represents our ability to express our inner truth.

Diego Velazquez – huile sur toile – 127 x 248 cm – 1659 – (Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain))

Until then, communication and reason were being influenced by Libra energies, making us more diplomatic, social, and collective. With his entry into Scorpio, we started to communicate in a deeper, magnetic and connected with something that we don’t always know how to explain, with the invisible, with the finitude of life.

Scorpio carries deep and frozen emotions but keeps its appearance stable. In other words, this period is naturally marked by magnetism, self-transformation, and transmutation. Our words and our way of positioning ourselves in the world are more connected with the wisdom of the invisible and allow for delicate, difficult,
and often painful conversations.

Mercury in Scorpio also brings unexpected news, the revealing of secrets, the twists and turns in the press, but it also marks an excellent time for deep conversations. Words are like mantras and contain the ability to guide us in processes of transformation, forgiveness, reframing through the words we choose.

Mercury stays in Scorpio until November 25th.

What needs or can be transmuted or released through your words?

Featured Image: Fresco of Mercury – Vatican Museum – Rome, Italy.