In astrology, Mars represents our energy, our will, our ardor, and also our tensions and our aggression. Its first home is Aries, presiding over the rebirth of nature through spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) that dies in autumn. In its second home, Scorpio, it symbolizes the fire of desire, dynamism, violence, and male genitals.

In Greek Mythology, Mars is represented by Ares, the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera. According to his father, he was “the most hateful of all immortals” and according to his mother “he who did not know the law”. These references became popular when an ancient statistician identified that more than 3000 maps of great European military leaders were born at dawn or at the culmination of the Mars cycle.

In Afro-Descendant Mythology, Mars is represented by Ogun, the king of men with impulsive behavior. Ogun son of Iemanja, queen of the sea, and Odudua, king of the land, was restless and liked to live coarsely as a warrior on the battlefields.

Ogum – Credits unavailable

According to a Mali legend, the scorpion says its two horns are named one for violence and the other for anger, the tip of its tail is called the pincer of revenge.

Mars remains in the sign of Scorpio until December 13th and a troubled period is expected in the coming weeks. It is worth remembering that between November 18th and 19th we will have a partial eclipse of the Moon precisely on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. I’m curious to follow the unfolding of the next few days, especially on the eve of the eclipse.

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Ref: Dicctionnaire des Symboles – Jean Chevalier et Alain Gheerbrant
Image: Zeus between Athenas and Ares – British Museum