If you asked me some years ago if I were an astrologer, I would laugh. Even if I always had this connection to the sky, astrology was something that I loved to study only for pleasure. Looking at the stars and imagining everything we just don’t know – and maybe will never know – always fascinated me.

As a person working in the arts, I could also see the sky as a creation, like as if it was a stage where the moon and the stars perform differently every night.

I had this dream about learning astrology

But I kept it as a dream for so long that it always seemed distant from me. As I became a theater professional, a writer, and a translator, astrology kept coming as something that I should pay attention to. But I couldn’t see it. Something was missing.

At the end of last year, everything changed. I gave me the opportunity not only to listen to my inner voice but also to gather with other powerful women to talk about the magic that exists in our lives.

And then it happened.

Learning astrology for me is like learning a new language… the language of the universe.

We will never know everything but each lesson is a gift. Astrology is a powerful tool to know us and the universe better. Learning this new language is transformative and it will be a pleasure for me to share this knowledge with you…

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