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Who am I

Consultations only in English, French or Portuguese for the moment.

Imagine someone with a successful career and who, therefore, believed she was happy professionally?

I had my own company in another country, I worked on large cultural projects, I had already had incredible experiences - such as writing books, plays and working at Cirque du Soleil - but I wasn't in charge of my schedule, I worked a lot and I didn't feel so well paid for it.

It was at that moment that self-knowledge emerged in my life. My gateway to mystery came through Astrology. Soon after, I started studying Tarot symbolism. I was over 40 years old and thought it was no longer possible to experience big changes.

But I was wrong...

It was self-knowledge that gave me the courage to make a 180-degree turn in the second half of my life, give up successful contracts, start a new career from scratch, change countries for the second time and still feel fully fulfilled personally and professionally like I had never imagined.

As I provided consultations, I also began to become interested in Psychotherapy, Mythology and Philosophy.

Just like it happened to me, knowing yourself deeply will bring you exactly the answers you are looking for. And you didn't get here by chance.

Courses and Trainings

2023 – Financial Market Trends: Forecasting with Applied Astrology - Trudy Carol, Kepler College
2023 – Astro✶Mapping (Astrocartography) - Thaís Lima (17 hours), Brazil.
2023 – Esperto dꞌarte. Dalla pittura rupestre a Banksy - Art for Introvert (28 horas), London.
2023 – Improve Your Tarot Readings Through Tarot History - Mary K. Greer, Global Spiritual Studies, USA.
2022 – Tarot Sola Busca - Livelo 1 - Giordano Berti, Itália.
2022 – Linear Tarot Reading - Julio Soares - Fortuna Arcana, Brazil.
2022 –Karmic Astrology – The paths from the soul – Daniela Rossi, Brazil.
2021 – Synastry Seminar – Claudia Lisboa, Brazil.
2021 – Formation in Tarot – Major and Minor Arcanas – Pri Ferraz, Brazil.
2021 – Formation in Astrological Transits – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil.
2021 – Deepening: Astrology, Symbology and the therapeutic vision – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil.
2021 – Formation in Familial Systemic Constellation (59 hours) – Benito Ribeiro, Brazil.
2021 – Formation in Predictive Astrologie – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil.
2020 – Formation in Astrology – Claudia Lisboa, Brazil.
2020 – Initiation to Astrology – Practicing and reading natal charts (47 hours) – Rafaela Pedrosa S. Santos, Brazil.

My philosophy

Astrology and tarot are not therapy. They are symbolic tools of self-knowledge that can bring clarity to you.
I carry out consultations through consent. That is, you are willing to be open to listening to what your astrological chart or tarot cards have to say.
Astrology and tarot are not deterministic. You will always have free will to decide what to do with the information you receive.
In my journey as an astrologer and tarot reader, I try to have coherence between the life I lead and what I share. I use astrology and tarot in my daily life and, precisely because of this, I continue to share this knowledge in the way I consider correct and fair.
I don’t have all the answers and a query might bring you more questions that you should think about.
Learning astrology and tarot is a constant process. Thus, I am an astrologer, a tarot reader and an eternal student of these tools.
This list is both for you to understand who I am and to guide me on my journey. Like me, it is not fixed and can be consulted by you whenever you want my services.

How can I help you

Birth Chart Reading

A natal chart is a reading of your birth chart, calculated from the date, time and place where you were born. With this information, we make a picture of the sky from the moment you took your first breath on planet Earth and you have access to a compass of the Universe that will accompany you throughout your life to better navigate in this existence.

Solar Revolution

The solar revolution is an astral map of the timing of your birthday, indicating trends and challenges for your new year. In this reading, we cross-reference your natal chart with your yearly chart, understanding the transits, aspects, and times when you will most strongly feel the energies of heaven.

Tarot Reading

Tarot is an art of self-knowledge that has been used for centuries and presents something we cannot see with the naked eye through cards that reflect our present moment. After a short conversation during which you explain to me why you want to do a Tarot reading, I define the most suitable decks for your question and draw the cards representing the archetypes that will help you clarify your vision.

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