Glassco Translation Residence: Day # 2

Day 2.

I woke up in Tadoussac.

It wasn't a dream.. Despite many throughout the night.

On the path between the living room and the kitchen, ask me what I thought of the bed.

I wanted to use adjectives in Portuguese to tell you how I was happy, but I didn't want to look like a child.

I felt like a child.

When you wake up, for more polyglot who believes be adjectives in other languages still sleep somewhere in your head.

In front of me, a river beach.

Here, the word "beach" wins new senses.

And that's fine.

I went for a walk in the sand.

Wet feet.

I realized that every 8 seconds, the bones began to ache.

Needed to take your feet out of the water.

And then come back.

Saw seals.

I went back to what I call "home".

Lemon with hot water.

A strong coffee.

Bread and butter. Or warmed it up.

Chose the best view of the "beach".

A rocking chair, two pillows on my legs and my laptop.

Time to start the translation.

… and from time to time look out the window.

Looks like surrealism, but, here, a whale may cross your path as you type.

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