Code 61

(in progress)

After a service outage during the last trip, six passengers are stuck in a subway car in Montreal’s blue line, not knowing what’s going on outside. Over time, they realize that they have been forgotten at the station. Now, for a whole night together, they have to find a way out or, at least, spend a calm night together.

“Code 61” aims to ask questions about interpersonal communication at a time that is conducive to real individualism and digital collectivism. The purpose of the play is to interrogate, through a borderline situation, how we connect with each other in our day-to-day relationships, raising issues about how we define ourselves as a society.

“Code 61” is a one-act play where all the actions take place in one spot, with all the characters on the stage all the time. The metro is part of the Montreal routine and is the ideal place to become the scene of this text. This is where everyone meets. This is where everyone seems equal. This is where we try to connect. This is where the distance turns into colored straight lines connected together. Or not really.