Many people don’t know that astrology comprises countless tools that help us to know ourselves even better through the answers that the sky gives us. Today I’m going to share with you some of these tools and the best way and time to use them:

Birth Chart

It is the chart of the moment you were born, our inner compass that accompanies us throughout life. If you have already done a good reading of the birth chart at some point in your life, enjoyed the consultation, and have access to the audio, you no longer need to read the birth chart. This audio will be able to be heard today, tomorrow, in five, ten, thirty years from now and will still bring lessons and knowledge for you.

Solar Revolution

It’s the map of your year from the nearest birthday to the next. The astrologer reads this chart by crossing the year’s information with his birth chart. As it has a “validity” of 12 months, it is recommended to do it every year (whenever you feel you need it, of course!) close to your birthday. I recommend doing it a month before or right after your birthday.


It’s when we cross what’s happening in the sky right now with your birth chart or solar revolution. I usually use this tool when reading a solar revolution or when a client has a specific question or a specific situation (to make a decision, to be clear at the time, or to better understand a specific situation they are going through). The transit consultation can be done whenever the person wishes.


It is when we make the crossing of two maps. It is usually used to help in relationships (couple map) as it shows light aspects and challenging aspects between two energies, helping the people involved to have more lightness in their day and to get to know each other more deeply. As synastry can cross any map, it is also used for companies, events, among others.

Astrology has many other tools such as firdary, subfirdary, critical degrees, intercepted axes, progressed map, among others. The more prepared the professional, the better your meeting will be.

In the end, having an astrologer you trust and who has to do with you is the way to go. Consult this professional whenever you feel and trust. Good professionals know how to say no when they believe this is not the best time to have an appointment.

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