Astrological Houses are energy fields with a vibrational pattern drawn on a natal chart or birth chart.

If the signs comprise a space of 30 degrees on the external axis, the astrological houses can have different spaces (degrees) between them. Still, as we are talking about a mandala, both the sign axis and the house axis add up to 360 degrees.

Each astrological house represents important matters or themes in our lives. We can interpret each house as an “astrological stage” or the place where an action takes place.

Understanding the main themes of each astrological house and knowing the sign that “owns” the house, we can know how we deal with each subject in our lives.

Astrological Houses – Artist unknown.
From the book: Astrology: history, symbols and signs – Solange de Mailly Nesle

House 1

  • Represented by the zodiac sign Aries
  • It shows who I am and what my physical space is.
  • The 1st house represents my ego, my physical body, physical appearance, my physical space (place of defense and identity), what I fight for and who I am.
  • It represents who I think I am and how I want others to see me, in addition to “who I fight for”.
  • It’s big ben, the beginning of everything.

House 2

  • Represented by the sign of Taurus
  • It brings the focus on my gifts and talents and also the money I make with them.
  • It represents my possessions, the money I earn from my work, and my gifts and talents.
  • It shows how I handle money, real estate, stability, my deeds.

House 3

  • Represented by the sign of Gemini.
  • It focuses on studies and courses, my brothers and friends, what I want to communicate, short trips.
  • It is the place for communication, studies and various courses, but also for my neighbors, brothers (people I live with), my neighbourhood, children’s curiosity and short trips.
  • It portrays life and simple everyday life, the social, my neighborhood.

House 4

  • Represented by the sign of Cancer.
  • It focuses on my home, my family, the mother, my karmic commitment to the family, my belonging.
  • It represents my place of belonging, the womb and childhood.
  • It can be a house that raises karmic commitments to the family.
  • It also reflects my feelings, emotions, my roots, childhood memories, mother and grandmother family patterns, feeling of home protection.

House 5

  • Represented by the sign of Leo.
  • It talks about my creations, my children, my projects, my hobbies, my success and brilliance, my passions and romances.
  • It works on self-centeredness and has a father and nurturing energy.
  • It is the home of the artist capable of generating an idea.

House 6

  • Represented by the sign of Virgo.
  • It talks about my work, my routine, my health, my physical body, scientific studies.
  • It is a rational house, but it has a connection with the body and with nature. In terms of health, it can raise questions from people going through a near death to understand that God exists.
  • It is also related to routine, rhythm and my day-to-day work.
  • It also brings the theme of nature, herbs, medicine, the wisdom of Gaia and agriculture.

House 7

  • Represented by the sign of Libra
  • It talks about how I express love, marriages, how I relate to each other, society, the public, clients, my partnerships and my declared enemies.
  • It is also a house of arts and beauty.
  • It represents how to be in a relationship in an ethical, harmonious and partner way.
  • It also involves our image and how our clothes and our manners are chosen to please the other.

House 8

  • Represented by Scorpio
  • It talks about the mysteries between heaven and earth, everything that is not visible, the spouse, the money that comes from the other (taxes, financing, debts and inheritances, fines and charges), transformation, surrender and forgiveness.
  • It is the home of fixed memories, of everything that is in the invisible.
  • It also has relationships with betrayals, unexpected money, inheritance or unhealthy money for being the home of undeclared enemies.
  • It can bring manipulation and seduction challenges.

House 9

  • Represented by the sign of Sagittarius
  • It talks about higher education, longer courses, international travel, the search for oneself (what makes sense to our soul), crossing borders (languages ​​and territories).
  • It is the home of the seeker, of expansion, of higher education, of deep knowledge, of foreign languages, of my ideals and faith, in addition to deepening.
  • It represents someone hard to catch, who seeks freedom, a freer lifestyle than someone who is always experimenting.

House 10

  • Represented by the sign of Capricorn.
  • It focuses on career, work, the call to the world, my wings, ambitions, status changes.
  • It deals with my vocation, career, commitment and my relationship with my father.
  • It is related to everything I do in the world through my work, my image in the world, fame, visibility and ambition.

House 11

  • Represented by the zodiac sign Aquarius
  • It focuses on sociability, friends (soul brothers), adopted children, the general public, my service to humanity, my humanitarian ideals, my futuristic, visionary and innovative visions.
  • When I think of myself, I also think of the collective.
  • It also brings upheavals and technological innovations.

House 12

  • Represented by the sign of Pisces.
  • It focuses on the pains of humanity, transcendence, wisdom and spirituality.
  • It talks about compassion, loneliness, retreats, exile, prison.
  • It represents my dreams, my childhood traumas, memory, the unconscious and depth.
  • It brings the connection with my sensitivity, mediumship, dreams and intuition.
  • It was seen as an evil house, but today it is seen as a teacher to evolve through closing cycles.
  • It can bring a tendency to depression or panic syndrome.

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