Check here the astrological forecasts for the month of June 2022 and understand what your fifth month of the year will be like.

Gemini Solar Cycle

It is a sign of the Air element and of Mutable quality that inhabits the 3rd house. It represents the end of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the end of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Its planet is Mercury and its phrase is “I communicate”.

In mythology, it represents the duality between brothers, the connection to heaven and earth, reason, and emotion. ⠀

It is a communicator and deals with duality, ideas, sociability, curiosity, multiplicity, logic and reason. Adaptable, intelligent, and articulate, it is full of ideas, knows how to listen and be heard, and expresses what it thinks with assertiveness and in a way connected with what it feels and with its truths. It knows what it wants, has a passion for its ideals and integrates the knowledge of the mind.

People who have the sun in Gemini are considered good-natured, as it is a political sign, as they are curious to discover everything that exists as a child. It is also a fast and multipotential sign, as it adapts to different groups. ⠀

Out of balance, these people can become very mental because they give a lot of voice to reason (chatterer inside the mind, not giving space to listen to yourself or to listen to the other), anxious, insecure, agitated, with many fears, without focus or even very mechanized. They can be rigid in routine, lacking in lust and passion for things and life. They can also be very critical and find it difficult to measure up to things. Their big challenge is doubt (because they are very social, depending on the approval and opinion of others). ⠀

Sometimes they experience many things and end up not knowing where to go. They can be talkative people who don’t connect with the heart, creating automatism, repetition, and excess rationality.

When the sun enters the sign of Gemini, it brings light, brightness, courage, and expressiveness to our communication, making our heads spin a thousand times with interest in a list of courses of the most different interests to do.

Gemini the king or queen of open tabs, who enjoys learning a new recipe while watching a live on YouTube on watercolor. ⠀⠀

This energy makes us feel that we know a little bit about everything and its knowledge is so vast (and sometimes superficial – but not for that reason negative – that it brings that image of the beaches of the Northeast of Brazil that you can walk as far as you can, but the water goes keep hitting your shins.

Even if you are not a Gemini, you will feel these energies. In the next 4 weeks, tap into this potential for adaptability, intelligence, and articulation. Listen and respect your ideas. Write everything down in a notebook or an Evernote.

Connect with what you feel and with your truths. If you’re going to put your face on social media, worry less about filters and more about the passion for your ideals, integrating the knowledge of the mind. This is the month of the curious child who may be buried inside us, but who is dying to go outside and fly like a butterfly. ⠀

Let’s take advantage of this special way of saying things that are stuck or that need to be heard and let’s be careful not to exaggerate, not to get too rational or too chatty inside the mind.

Gemini Lunar Cycle

May 30 – New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon happens when Sun and Moon meet, in conjunction. It is the Moon that marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, it brings us the power to connect with our individuality, with new projects, with the energy of birth. ⠀

It determines the beginning, as well as each dawn that life gives us. If by opening our eyes we project our next 24 hours, the New Moon brings us this same invitation for the future 28 days. ⠀

Awaken by putting your intentions into something new, because what is not working has a new chance and what did not go as expected brought a learning experience. ⠀ ⠀

As we design our new cycle, the sap flows smoothly down the stems of the trees and concentrates at the root. In this new cycle, we connect with the energies of Gemini. The entry of the Moon in the sign of Gemini brings the search for knowledge and rationality as preponderant energy. Even if we can’t deeply understand everything that is happening to better decide how to act, Gemini brings us a broader knowledge about different possibilities to look at where to go.

Ask yourself:

What do I want to communicate in this new cycle?

In what areas of my life do I need to socialize more?

What did I come to share in this world?

What’s still stuck in my throat?

How to find my voice?

June 7th – Crescent Moon in Virgo

Virgo brings analytical energy into our lives, making us think and organize accordingly. We usually say that Virgo seeks perfection, but its connection with nature makes us understand that it is the perfection of the sacred, the natural, the seasons, and the rhythms of plants and animals. ⠀⠀

The Crescent Moon in Virgo invites us to put that proactive energy into action and think about an internal cleaning with a focus on the coming Full Moon. It’s time to plant the seeds of what we want to sprout in this cycle and Virgo brings organization and analysis into our lives. This is a good time to organize that to-do list! ⠀

The Crescent Moon brings clarity to who we are, but if we are living in noise or in an internal mess, we simply cannot see ourselves. It’s good to think if the feeling of a “messy life” isn’t a great excuse just not to silent and listen. ⠀

If possible, take advantage of this period to go to nature and reflect on how everything around us is organized in a natural and perfect way.

June 14 – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full moons happen when there is an opposition between the sun and the moon. ⠀

It is a time to expose yourself because clearer nights bring clarity and make the mother (life/moon) illuminate the father (world/sun). ⠀ ⠀

At the same time, we are sensitive, crazy, and passionate, bringing high intensity and feelings to the surface. ⠀ ⠀

When the Full Moon happens in Sagittarius, it illuminates our desires for freedom, courage, adventure, individuality, instinct, and intuition. We want to experience new experiences and seek movement and adventure. It’s that genuine desire to point the arrow and go because we know our strength.

June 20 – Waning Moon in Pisces

The next few days invite us to debug, clean, and analyze the path we’ve taken so far. Pay attention to your dreams, to your body, to the memories that suddenly arise, and see how to organize the thousand voices that are pulsing inside you. All that energy in a water sign brings depth, but it also calls for acceptance, nourishment, and, above all, special attention to the feeling.

The Waning Moon in Pisces asks us, “Did I take my dreams into account when making my choices?” The more you let go of what no longer needs to be, the more space you will have for the new ahead. The energies of Pisces make you feel deeper, but all this is necessary for us to debug and prepare for what lies ahead.

In the waning moon cycle, take the opportunity to reflect: what is still missing to have more lightness in what I intend to start in the new cycle that will come soon?

Astrological transits for the month of June:

June 3 – Direct Mercury in Taurus

Last call for you to materialize what you want to communicate to the world.

June 4 – Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Where do I need more discipline, commitment, and rigidity to have the freedom I so desire?

June 6 – Sun in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries

Sharing wounds is the best way to access healing.

June 10 – Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

Review contracts and understand which of them still need changes, addendums, or even revocation.

June 11 – Venus in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

If stability doesn’t exist, how do I use my gifts and talents to break with the past?

June 13 – Mercury in Gemini

Fluid communication: time to put your voice to the world.

June 15 – Mars in Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries

Your wounds can be your greatest fuel to have the courage to act and find healing.

June 16 – Sun in Gemini trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Am I being too strict with the version of myself I want to share with the world?

June 16 – Venus in Taurus conjunct North Node in Taurus

What do you really want to materialize in this existence? What does it take to put your gifts and talents in the world as uncomfortable as it may seem?

June 16 – Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

Your dreams should not be published on social media.

June 18 – Venus in Taurus square Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Review contracts and take care of finances to have the freedom you want.

June 19 – Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

Invest in a secret dream.

June 20 – Mercury in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Pisces

Perfect day to talk about a place of abundance and greater love.

June 21 – Sun in Cancer

The season is open to learning to nurture and be nurtured. Allow yourself to be emotional.

June 21 – Venus in Taurus trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

What cycles do I still need to complete in order to live a concrete life through my service?

June 22 – Venus in Gemini

It’s time to talk about your gifts and talents to the world. Rationalize what you have to offer!

June 27 – Mars in Aries sextile Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

I act analyzing what I still need to learn to have the freedom I want.

June 28 – Sun in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries

There is no way to avoid emotions when we need to have the courage to act in accordance with our values.

June 28 – Venus in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries

Share your gifts and talents with courage and you will have abundance.

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