Check here the astrological forecasts for the month of January 2022 and understand how your first month of the year will be. It’s time to start putting the 2022 goals into action!

It is worth remembering that the year starts with the ongoing Venus retrogradation and as early as the 2nd week of January we already have Mercury retrograding as well.

The big astrological events of January are:

  • January 2nd – Mercury in Aquarius
  • January 15th to February 4th – Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
  • January 19 – Uranus in Direct Movement in Taurus
  • January 21st – Sun in Aquarius
  • January 25th – Mars in Capricorn
  • January 27 – Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn
  • January 29 – Venus Moving Directly in Capricorn

But before I break down these remarkable events, I’ll share the scenario of the major cycles (Sun and Moon):

Capricorn Solar Cycle

On December 21st the Capricorn solar cycle began, which runs until January 19th.

Even if you are not Capricorn, you will feel the energies of heaven. For starters, I recommend that you look at the astrological house that is inhabited by Capricorn and where Saturn, his ruling planet, is in your natal chart.

Symbolized by a goat with a fish tail (a water goat), Capricorn shows that he is someone who “hide his tail” and his emotions.

It is a sign that perseveres to climb to the top of the mountain solidly and little by little. Capricorn invites us to look at our mission here on Earth, at the possibility of being firm and having perseverance in what we plan. Among its keywords, it brings an energy of ethics, morals, seriousness, structure, work and long-term commitment.⠀

Capricorn asks us to be responsible for what is ours and to say “enough” or “no” to what is not ours or what we are not capable of taking care of. Because of this, in this new solar cycle, we are being invited to experience structuring ourselves, to be firm and to have perseverance with our dreams and desires. ⠀⠀

Check out the reflections for the new cycle here:

  • What is your mission here on Earth?
  • Are you being persevering enough in pursuing your dreams?
  • You are establishing barriers and limits consistent with your wishes
  • Can you say no?

Capricorn by Tarot

In traditions that relate astrology and tarot, it is common to have the Devil’s card as a representative of the energy of Capricorn. On the other hand, I particularly like to assimilate Caprica’s energies with the Emperor card.

Represented by card number 4, the Emperor seeks stability as a table supported by his four legs. In the Rider-Waite tarot, a frowning man is seen, seated on a throne and holding a cross with the circle of Spirit and matter. In the background, you can see mountains (Capricorn symbolism) showing that he is looking for a strong base to build great things in life.

Its keywords are leadership, organization, strategy, discipline, order, courage, protection, structure, strong foundation, limits and authoritarianism. This letter invites us to cultivate organization and strategy on a daily basis.

The Emperor is a leader, determined and organized. He knows exactly what he wants and where he wants to go. It’s an invitation to become an authority in our life. It’s a structure card to solve what he needs.

His key phrase is “It is necessary to believe in oneself, have self-confidence and, however absurd it may seem, always seek to impose limits”, by Machado de Assis.

The Emperor – Rider-Waite Tarot

Capricorn Lunar Cycle

Lunar cycles always begin with the New Moon and are completed at the Wailing Moon. Understanding the energies of the Moon helps us deal with our emotions and our feminine.

January 2nd – New Moon in Capricorn

When the conjunction between the sun and the moon occurs, we have a favorable moment to put our intentions, start new projects or something that is in line with our individuality. In nature, the New Moon represents the moment when the flow of sap descends and concentrates at the root.

The New Moon is the witch’s moon and marks the opening of portals to the symbolic world. When she enters the sign of Capricorn, she brings us an energy of solidity, stability and steady step. Her main phrase is “I go to the world”. So don’t be surprised if you’re making decisions and starting to put your planned goals into practice. ⠀

Capricorn talks about ethics, morals, seriousness, structure, work and long-term commitment. He works with what nourishes and brings meaning to your soul. This energy also invites us to be responsible for what is ours and to say “enough” or “no” to what we no longer want.⠀

As he brings a strong construction energy, his big challenge is to understand that he did the best he could with the time and resources he had available. ⠀

“Not knowing it was impossible, he went there and did it.”

January 9th – Crescent Moon in Taurus

When the Moon grows in Taurus, it brings an energy of materiality, concreteness, beauty and earth connection. Taurus has a connection with nature, with matter (the real), with the body, with the wonderful pleasure of being alive, breathing, and feeling the flavors. ⠀

The Crescent Moon in Taurus can bring us the desire to plant seeds that connect us with the planet’s abundance, with the flow of giving and receiving (especially love, which is most important), with our unique gifts and with our true worth.⠀

January 17th – Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon brings an invitation to expand, shine, light and put out everything we water during the Crescent Moon process.

The moon in cancer feels at home, its ruling planet, bringing us the feeling of welcome, belonging, nutrition and memories. In other words, our emotions will shine and reveal themselves more clearly in the height of the night’s light.

January 25th – Winging Moon in Scorpio

The waning moon invites us to cleansing, releasing and letting go, sending away what we no longer need to make room for the new. When it happens in the sign of Scorpio, it invites the end of cycles and a deep cleansing. ⠀

It’s time to get the broom, bucket and squeegee, but also the ideal time to resolve what’s pending and leave the ground clear for the seeds that will come in the next lunation. During this period, the sap descends towards the roots and it is time for pruning.⠀

So let’s cut that problem out of life, that commitment that doesn’t make sense out of the schedule, that situation that no longer needs to be part of your routine, those relationships that no longer work.

But no sweeping under the rug because Scorpio is tough, but eventually it’ll break. You have to splash water to ensure that the dust that we insist on ignoring will not remain.

Release, detach and clear… because in the next few days the new moon begins and we will enter this new stage together with anchored energy.’

And now the most important astrological transits of the month:

January 2nd – Mercury in Aquarius

A pattern-breaking and futuristic communication to start the year wanting to do something different.

January 11th – Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

That desire to go out there, to explore the world, to travel is more and more looking like a big dream.

January 15th to February 4th – Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Review of commitments taking into account collective, humanitarian and futuristic aspects. It’s time for renewal and restructuring. The retrogradation will also bring a little slowdown in the contracts for the beginning of the year.

January 16th – Sun in Aquarius squares Pluto in Capricorn

The collective is still being affected by the Pluto energies that put us in contact with the proximity of death and the end of cycles.

January 19 – Uranus in direct motion in Taurus

Everything we’ve been through analyzing whether it should continue or collapse now officially falls to the ground.

January 21 – Sun in Aquarius

The collective, the future, technology as themes for the next four weeks. It’s not possible to continue as it is.

January 25th – Mars in Capricorn

A desire for action in pursuit of what we have as our purpose. It may be bullshit about the restrictions still imposed.

January 27th – Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Still in its retrogradation, Mercury is now back in Capricorn. Beware of contracts and pay attention to restrictions imposed.

January 29th – Venus in direct movement in Capricorn

In the current context, how to put yourself at service, how to love and be loved, how to make it happen?

January 20th – Mercury RX in Capricorn together with Pluto in Capricorn

News that invites us to change plans and to believe that there is something superior that we cannot understand.

January 30th – Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

The desire to build a better world leads to the desire to destroy institutions that no longer work.

How about scheduling a reading to prepare for the year 2022, which starts out full of emotion?