What is a solar revolution?

The solar revolution is a chart of the moment of your birthday, pointing out the trends and challenges for your new year. In this reading, we cross the chart of your birth with the chart of your year, understanding the transits, aspects and periods where you will feel the energies of the sky stronger.

What do we see in a solar revolution?

The solar revolution has thousands of elements, even more complex than a birth chart. After all, the astrological mandala crosses your birth data with your birthday data for the current year. Together, these elements form a manual or guide for your year, bringing information about challenges, important moments, moments of expansion and other issues that you will deal with during the year.

How does the reading work?

After confirming the payment, you will receive a short form with some important questions (such as your date, time and place of birth). With your answers, I make your birthl chart, cross the information with the solar revolution and analyze your year, taking into account the signs, astrological houses, planets, transits and also any question you may have brought up when filling out the form.

How does the consultation work?

After my study, we  scheduled day and time for our meeting. The meeting, in the form of a chat, lasts approximately one hour and a quarter, an hour and a half. I also record the content of the consultation so that you can consult it whenever you want.

How can the solar revolution help me?

  • Better understand what lies ahead.
  • Expand your awareness for the new year.
  • Identify patterns of behavior and beliefs that can influence your year.
  • Remember your gifts and talents to integrate them into the challenges to come.
  • Understand how your temperament influences your decision making.
  • Find out what will move you and attract you to life this year.
  • Understand how social, emotional, family and professional relationships will influence you.
  • Access unconscious vibrations on various life issues that will be highlighted this year.
  • Connect with your deepest self to have the best year of your life.