What is a baby’s birth chart?

The birth chart of babies or children is a little different from an adult chart because we respect the growth and the construction of the identity of a small being in his/her time. It is done through a reading of the birth chart of the child, calculated from the date, time, and place where he/she was born, but allowing him/her to have space to develop from there. Through this information, I make an image of the sky from the moment the child breathed for the first time on planet Earth and I bring important information so that mom and dad understand how to behave more tenderly, love, and respect in the family.

What do we see on a map?

The birth chart contains thousands of items. Together, these elements form a manual or guide for this existence. In the map of children and babies, I prioritize information about her/his personality above all, since she/he will still have time to devote herself/himself and to appropriate her/his talents, capacities, challenges and karmic problems. A baby chart allows dad and mom to learn more about:

  • How does the day of the week he/she was born influences him/her
  • How are his/her four elements balanced: fire, earth, air and water with tips to better manage these energies.
  • His/her rising sign and how this child will build his/her identity in the world
  • His/her ruling planet and the lessons he/she will have here
  • His/her sun and its energy
  • His/her moon and his/her way of dealing with emotions
  • The wheel of fortune and its point of happiness on the map

How can reading a child’s map help parents?

  • To better understand a new energy that will be part of the family
  • Expanding family awareness from knowledge of a birth chart
  • To identify and monitor the development of the child’s identity
  • To recognize and integrate their gifts and talents in their own time
  • To understand his/her temperament through the balance of the elements
  • To connect with the private universe of a new being who came to inhabit the Earth