What is the Birthday Mandala or the Annual Mandala?

The Anniversary Mandala or Annual Mandala is when we use the tarot in a run of 12 cards in a circular format in order to bring advice, through the archetypes of the tarot for the subsequent 12 months. The query can be done either close to the birthday (like a solar revolution) to give the person’s birth year energies, as well as from January to December. There are also clients who choose a precise moment (the beginning of a project, a change of house or even a desire to start over) to make this reading.

What do we see in a Tarot Mandala?

Through the 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana, we select 12 cards that, with their archetypal qualities, reflections or aspects speak about the inner posture we should take month by month, what we need to reflect, or even the energy we need to work on.

Example of an annual mandala

How does the reading work?

On a set date and time, we start our session with a game of past, present and future to understand the context of the client at the time of the consultation. Then, we make the mandala with the 12 letters and read the archetypes month by month, pointing out important moments for some periods.

The service, in the form of a conversation, lasts an hour and a half. I record the content of the service so that you can consult it whenever you want and also send a photo of the game if you want to continue accessing the answers from the arcana after the consultation.

How can the Tarot Mandala help me?

  • To better understand what lies ahead.
  • To expand your awareness.
  • To identify behavior patterns and beliefs and how to deal with them in the coming months.
  • To identify the best times to integrate your gifts and talents.
  • To understand your temperament over the course of a year.
  • To connect with your deepest self.