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Duration: 1h30.
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Important: Consultations are carried out by Zoom. When booking your appointment with me, you will receive a form to fill in with your information. The audio of our consultation is recorded and sent to you along with the PDF of your map(s) or photos of the tarot readings we made.

Birth Chart Reading

The Birth Chart is the GPS of your life that will help you to know yourself deeply and delve into yourself.a.o. It is unique and can be done once in a lifetime as it is valid for your entire existence. It is even recommended that you listen to your map whenever you feel the need to understand yourself better. A good map is essential to get to know yourself better and understand a series of patterns that we carry out in our lives. Listening to the audio of your consultation whenever you are looking for answers will make a big difference in your existence.

Solar Revolution

The Solar Revolution or Solar Return is an astral chart from your birthday to the next, indicating trends and challenges for the period. It is valid for 12 months and is recommended to be done annually. A good solar revolution is essential to prepare for your year and accompany your journey by connecting your decisions and actions with what happens in the sky. Listening to this audio for the 12 months ahead will make a big difference in your year and prepare you for what's to come.


Astrocartography is a tool that combines Astrology and Travel. It determines our relationship with places in the world and the symbolic potential of the experience we live there. In this reading, we understand what we experience in a place, crossing lines that cross the world map with the information of our natal chart. This reading is ideal for planning trips with purpose, knowing what to expect from an exchange, organizing moves, understanding your immigration or planning a gap year.

Tarot Reading

A Tarot reading connects us with our subconscious reflecting our moment in the cards and presenting us with situations, challenges and advice. We started our session with your personal arcana and the arcana of the year. Then we play a past, present, and future game to understand where you are on your journey. We continue to play a game of situation to better understand its current context. Based on everything the cards have shown us so far, we've had a little chat to see how the cards can help you further. In this step, we can make new games.

Tarot Mandala

At the Mandala, we read 12 cards representing the next 12 months ahead, bringing energy and advice. It can be done both at the beginning of the year and also on your birthday, connecting with your solar cycle. There, we see what the cards bring as situations, challenges and advice for each month, allowing you to have a GPS for your new cycle and knowing how to better prepare for what will come.


Synastry is the crossing of two natal charts, mainly to obtain more self-knowledge in relationships. At Synastry, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the couple, the points in balance and synergy and the challenging points that can be worked on together. In this way, two people have the knowledge to better understand each other and align the future of the relationship. Synastry can also cross maps of situations or dates.


The curious and generous presence of Letícia made reading my birth chart a memorable moment.

I had already done another reading in the past, but I would never have thought that we could go into so much detail.

It was fantastic to have this experience exactly on my birthday!

Laurence Dauphinais

Theater Director


Letícia patiently explained to me my birth chart and how important this whole conversation was to me! There were so many insights and insights from myself, she knows what she is saying and delves into the topics, it was unforgettable! After that day when I see myself differently, she showed me the strength I had to go after what I wanted for myself and for my life. It was an uplifting experience! Thank you very much for making me understand my universe! I had this experience exactly on my birthday!

Sarah Araripe