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The general objective of Psychotherapy is to help you overcome emotional difficulties, improve relationships, develop skills to deal with stress and life's challenges, promote self-knowledge and personal growth, and achieve a better emotional and psychological quality of life. During the consultations we talk and address your most important questions using the knowledge of Jungian Analytical Psychology as a basis, integrating tools from Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy into a unique and profound process.

Duration of consultations: 50 minutes.
Frequency: Weekly meetings (in some cases biweekly or monthly)

Birth Chart Reading

The Birth Chart reading is the GPS of your life that will help you to know yourself deeply and delve into yourself. It is unique and can be done once in a lifetime as it is valid for your entire existence. It is even recommended that you listen to your map whenever you feel the need to understand yourself better. A good reading is essential to get to know yourself better and understand a series of patterns that we carry out in our lives. Listening to the audio of your consultation whenever you are looking for answers will make a big difference in your life.

Reading duration: 1h30

Solar Revolution

The solar revolution focuses on an astrological reading from  your birthday to the next, indicating trends and challenges for the period. It is valid for 12 months and is recommended to be done annually. A good solar revolution is essential to prepare for your year and follow your journey, connecting your decisions and actions with what happens in the sky. Listening to this audio over the 12 months ahead will make a big difference in your year and you will be prepared for what's to come.

Reading duration: 1h30

Tarot Reading

A Tarot reading connects us with our subconscious, reflecting our moment in the cards and presenting us with situations, challenges and advice. We begin our session with your personal arcana and the arcana of the year. Then we do a spread of past, present and future to understand where you are on your journey. We continue making a spread from your actual situation to understand the current context in more depth. Based on everything the cards have shown us so far, we talk a little to see how the cards can help you even more with some more spreads. 

Reading duration: 1h30


Astrocartography is a tool that combines Astrology and Travel. It determines our relationship with places in the world and the symbolic potential of the experience we have there. In this reading, we understand what we experience in a place, looking at the lines that cross the world map with information from our natal chart. This reading is ideal for planning purposeful travel, knowing what to expect from an exchange, organising moves, understanding your immigration or planning a gap year.

Reading duration: 1h30


Practical queries

How to prepare yourself for the meeting

Be in a quiet place, preferably with headphones and water nearby. If you prefer, have a notebook to take notes that you consider important to you.

Where the meeting takes place

The sessions are held via zoom and the link is sent by email after scheduling your session. If you have problems with Zoom, I will bring you another option.

Recording of calls

Tarot and Astrology sessions are recorded with your consent, if you wish. At the end, you will receive the full audio via wetransfer, lasting 1h30. Ongoing psicotherapy care is not recorded.

How does privacy work?

All services have their professional confidentiality fully guaranteed. Any information exchanged during our meeting, due to professional ethics, is not shared with third parties under any circumstances.


Common questions

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a self-knowledge tool that has been used for centuries and presents something that we cannot see with the naked eye through the symbolism of the cards. The Tarot has 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, totaling 78 cards. The Major Arcana carry the essence of the game as they represent archetypal qualities and the paths on which we all walk during our lives. These cards are more reflective and talk about our inner stance and what we need to reflect on. The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, have simpler and more direct messages that represent practical day-to-day issues, aspects that can be resolved quickly, events and interference from people on our journey. These are cards that bring the essence of action, of attitude.

What is a Tarot Reading for?

To understand your current moment and know the next steps to take, to better understand yourself and expand your consciousness, to identify patterns of behavior and beliefs, to recognize and integrate your gifts and talents, to understand your temperament and social, emotional, family relationships and professionals, to discover what moves you and what attracts you to life, to access unconscious vibrations on different topics in life, to connect with your deepest self. Tarot Reading will help you unlock and have the courage to act.

What is a Birth Chart or Natal Chart?

A natal chart (birth chart or even astral chart as it is more commonly known) is a reading of your birth chart, calculated from the date, time and place where you were born. It brings an image of the sky from the moment you took your first breath on planet Earth, giving you access to a compass of the Universe that will accompany you throughout your life. The map has thousands of symbols such as signs, astrological houses and planets. Together, these elements form a guide for this existence, providing information about your personality, your talents and abilities, your challenges and your karmic issues.

What is a Natal Chart Reading for?

To understand who you are and have a better awareness of your decisions, to better understand yourself and expand your consciousness, to identify patterns of behavior and beliefs, to recognize and integrate your gifts and talents, to understand your temperament and social, emotional, family and professionals, to discover what moves you and what attracts you to life, to access unconscious vibrations on different topics in life, to connect with your deepest self.

What is a Solar Revolution?

The solar revolution is an astral chart from the moment of your birthday, indicating the trends and challenges for your new year. In this reading, we cross-reference your natal chart with your annual chart, understanding the transits, aspects and periods for the next 12 months in which you will feel the energies of the sky most strongly. The solar revolution has thousands of elements, even more complex than a natal chart. After all, the astrological mandala crosses your birth data with your birthday data in the current year. Together, these elements form a manual for your year, providing information about challenges, important moments, moments of expansion and other issues you will deal with during the year.

What is a Solar Revolution for?

To understand the trends of the 12 months ahead of you from your birthday, to have a better awareness of your decisions, to identify patterns of behavior and beliefs that can influence your year, to discover what will move you and attract you to life this year, to remember your gifts and talents to integrate them into the challenges that will come, to have an overview of the lighter and more challenging months and be able to plan your year with peace of mind.

Can I give a consultation as a gift to someone?

Yes, you can offer a tarot or astrology consultation! Just purchase any reading and send me a Whatsapp with the details of the person you want to gift. I create a personalized gift certificate for you to send to the person you want to give a gift to and I send it to you via Whatsapp.

Do you do Tarot Mandala readings?

Yes. In a Mandala, we read 12 cards representing the next 12 months ahead, bringing energy and advice. It can be done both at the beginning of the year and also at the time of your birthday, connecting with your solar cycle. There, we see what the cards bring such as situations, challenges and advice for each month, allowing you to have a GPS for your new cycle and knowing how to better prepare for what will come. The mandala serves to better prepare you for the coming months, to better understand yourself and expand your awareness for the year ahead, to understand light periods and challenging periods that are on the way, to align goals, objectives and plans based on mandala and to have access to a self-knowledge tool.

Do you do Synastry?

Yes. Synastry is the crossing of two natal charts, especially to obtain more self-knowledge in relationships. In Synastry, we identify the couple's strengths and weaknesses, the points of balance and synergy and the challenging points that can be worked on together. In this way, two people have the knowledge to understand each other better and align the future of the relationship. Synastry can also cross charts of situations or dates.

Do you chart newborns, babies and children?

Yes. These maps help moms and dads understand how the child's personality is being formed and help parents raise their children in a way that respects their developing individuality.

I still have doubts...

If you didn't find your question in the questions and answers section or you have a specific question when deciding which service to choose, contact me via WhatsApp.