The prince of why (en portugais)

Written by Letícia Tórgo

Director Fabio Espírito Santo


O príncipe dos porquês – Material de Jornalismo from da Gavetaon Vimeo.


The world of whys is a small planet inhabited by magical beings inspired by the Portuguese language. But this place filled with curiosity, fun grammar, and good spelling is fading away whenever an adult responds “because no!” to a child on Earth.

Presented at Leblon’s Theater and Arts Theater, in Rio de Janeiro, between January and April 2014.




Somos ici (in french)

Written by Letícia Tórgo and Florence Bobier

Director Margarita Herrera-Dominguez


Without ever wanting to oppose “us” to “them”, the characters of SOMOS ICI express the complexity of the feelings that inhabit them, the duality of binationality, biculture that necessarily obsesses each emigrant from first or second generation. Candidately, HANNAH, HÉCTOR, EMILIA, JESSY and VIOLETA come to offer us an interiority that demystifies prejudices, ours and theirs. On the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the birth of Montreal, SOMOS ICI highlights a trendy and multi-ethnic city. Mirror of this cosmopolitanism, the boulevard Saint-Laurent, the Main, is the perfect place to start the action. Many spectators witness a fire in a heritage building at the corner of Viger Street and Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Formerly, the Robillard Building was the first cinema in Canada.

Presented at MAI – Montreal arts interculturels in Montreal, in September 2017.





Siri (french – english – portuguese)

Written by Maxime Carbonneau and Laurence Dauphinais

Translated by Letícia Tórgo and Laurence Dauphinais

Director Maxime Carbonneau



SIRI from da Gaveta on Vimeo.


In 2010, Apple created the personal assistant Siri who decrypts the verbal instructions of its users and responds to their requests. On the Apple website, you can read this: Speak to her in a natural voice. Siri understands not only what you say, but what you want to say, and responds. Talk to her as a real person. Like a real person. While the parameters of our relationships are changing, going to meet each other now takes several dimensions; through social networks among others. On all levels, we multiply meetings. But do these reveal to us or hide us from ourselves? And if one of these meetings, with an entity programmed to be a discreet and objective companion, became a decisive meeting? Could these digital entities eventually become better humans in their social functions than a human being?

Presented at Oi Futuro Flamengo in November and December 2017, in Rio de Janeiro.