New Projects

The mountain message | Book



The mountain message is a story freely inspired by real facts of two immigrants from Brazil who decide to live in Quebec. To get accustomed to the low temperatures of the province, they decide that the best thing to do is to see the winter in a positive way. To the surprise of the couple, they fall in love with skiing and realize that sport is much more than a hobby when they learn, every day, lessons about fear, overcoming, friendship, courage and perseverance. What they do not know is that the mountain has an even greater lesson to teach them when one of them suffers a serious ski accident and is near death. The message of the mountain thus becomes a metaphor for all that we can understand about life when we decide to ski. More than a realistic and sentimental literary text, this story aims to raise a reflection on what the mountain is able to provide us.

Meow ou Miau | Book



The friendship between a cat from Quebec and an immigrant. In the midst of two parallel narratives and through the views of a cat and a woman, we discover a history of friendship that goes beyond the challenges of immigration.

Everything I have, I bring with me | Theater


A theatrical text that will search for objects filled with feeling and memory, brought by different new residents of Canada. Why did they bring them? What do these objects mean? Thanks to real testimonies, the answer to these questions and others will inspire the construction of an intimate theatrical text and full of memories.