A window to nine brothers




(IN PORTUGUESE) Narrated by the house where everything happened, this novel tells the story of a family of descendants of immigrants formed in Gramado from the 40’s. At a time when resources are scarce, the house becomes the only narrator capable to tell this story.


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[A window with nine children] “is a book I recommend unceremoniously. Leticia managed to break down my barriers against national authors. Impossible to reach the last page without at least sketching a minimum of emotion. “ – Gramado’s Tips (February / 2014)

“Whatever happens, thanks to Leticia, the intimate memories of this house – and its residents – now serve the history of us all.” – Araci Queiroz is a journalist (July / 2013)  

The prince of why


(IN PORTUGUESE) The world of whys is a small planet inhabited by magical beings inspired by the Portuguese language. But this place filled with curiosity, fun grammar and good spelling is fading away whenever an adult responds “because no!” to a child on Earth.


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The children’s response to the play and to the book [The Prince of Whys] are immediate.” – Integration Journal (May / 2014)

I have a project… 

Practical handbook for taking your ideas from the drawer


(IN PORTUGUESE) A handy guide that will accompany and guide you through the entire process of transforming your idea from the blank page to the moment it reaches your audience. The book offers exercises and practical examples with a step-by-step approach to the development of your project.


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Confessions of a cultural producer

Stories that teach and make you laugh


(IN PORTUGUESE) After years assuming the role of cultural producer, Leticia Tórgo set herself the challenge of making thirty confessions in thirty days to show the other side of the profession. As silly, surprising or funny as some confessions may seem, they are also a way of teaching, showing and telling experiences to anyone who wants to become a producer.


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